How to Use Our Products

Our mock trial DVD's and manuscript's are designed to be used as either a classroom activity or independent study for nurses/students, whereby participants serve as jury members and determine the verdict at the conclusion of the trial. The manuscript may also be used to put on a live mock trial continuing education class, whereby the education/management team assigns "actors" (managers, educators, nurses, students, etc.) to play the roles described in the manuscript and participants serve as jury members.


Instructions for Use in the Classroom


Before your mock trial class, preview the DVD and/or read the manuscript, including the evidence, to become familiar with the arguments made by the plaintiff and defendant attorneys. The day of your event, give participants a copy of the evidence. Instruct participants to reference the evidence while testimony is being presented and encourage them to take notes. When the DVD/live mock trial ends, use the jury instructions provided to facilitate the jury deliberation process with participants, and determine a verdict of liable or not liable of negligence. This can typically be accomplished in about 30 minutes.


Note: For jury deliberations with more than 20 jurors, divide participants into groups of 10 and assign a jury foreman to each group. The foreman should review the jury instructions to members of the jury; and then the jury should determine the verdict. Finally, go around the room and have each jury foreman read their group's verdict, including the rationale for their decision. Tally the group verdicts to determine the overall verdict. Complete the event by facilitating a group discussion about the trial with participants to summarize the experience.


Total Classroom Time (Trial + Jury Deliberation)


You Be the Judge: Alcohol Withdrawal & Restraints (1 Hour)

You Be the Judge: Newborn Hypoglycemia & Hyperbilirubinemia (1 ½ Hours)

You Be the Judge: PCA, Head Injury & Fall Prevention (1 ½ Hours)


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