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You Be the Judge: Alcohol Withdrawal & Restraints


In this video, participants serve as judge and jury, and determine the verdict in the case of Doe vs. Brown. In this case, the plaintiff, Jane Doe, claims that ICU nurse, Katie Brown, was negligent in the care of her deceased husband, John Doe. Initially, John was diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleed and alcohol withdrawal, and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Alcohol withdrawal orders were initiated, which required the ICU nurse to assess John using the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol scale and treat him with Valium. However, when Valium did not help to reduce John's alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he became agitated, restless and a danger to himself. Thus, he was physically restrained.


Issues surrounding this case include the competence of RN, Katie Brown with restraints, compliance with The Joint Commission requirements for restraints, communication between the RN and physician, and nursing documentation. Participants will learn the importance of documentation, the standards of care for alcohol withdrawal and restraints, and how to determine nursing negligence in a civil lawsuit. Total running time 31:31.