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Mock Trial Conference Information


Standard Course Agenda (4 hour class)

  • Case Studies in Nursing Negligence
  • Principles of Quality Nursing Documentation
  • Mock Trial* (Select 1 mock trial from below)
  • Jury Deliberation
  • Course Summary
  • Webinar Conferencing Available

Customize Your Confernce With Additional Lectures

  • Ethical Issues in Nursing
  • Getting Started with Evidence-Based Practice
  • Research Basics for the Clinical Nurse
  • Introduction to Mock Trial Writing
  • Educational Design & Development
  • Presentation Skills

Mock Trial Cases Available

  • You Be the Judge: PCA, Head Injury & Fall Prevention: On August 16th, Sally Ann Smith was admitted to the acute care unit for multiple rib fractures, hypoxia and pain management after falling at home. Ox-ygen therapy was initiated and she was started on a morphine patient controlled analgesia pump. A few hours after admission, she fell again. She was diagnosed with a small subdural hematoma and placed on hourly neurological checks. During the night, issues evolved regarding PCA settings, monitoring and neuro-logical changes; and at 5:30 a.m., Ms. Smith was found in cardiopulmonary arrest. Resuscitation measures were taken but Ms. Smith was pronounced dead.
  • You Be the Judge: Alcohol Withdrawal & Restraints: In this case, Plaintiff Jane Doe, claims that ICU nurse, Katie Brown, was negligent in the care of her husband, John Doe. Initially, John was diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleed and alcohol withdrawal; and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Alcohol with-drawal orders were initiated, which required the ICU nurse to assess John using the Clinical Institute With-drawal Assessment for Alcohol Scale and treat him with Valium. However, Valium did not help to reduce John's alcohol withdrawal symptoms and he became agitated, restless and a danger to himself. Thus, he was physically restrained...shortly thereafter he was pronounced dead.
  • You Be the Judge: Newborn Hypoglycemia & Hyperbilirubinemia: In this case, Plaintiff Sarah Brown claims that Mother-Baby RN, Kathy Jones was negligent in the care of her daughter, Baby Brown. In the early post-partum hours, Baby Brown experienced hypoglycemia and breastfeeding problems which re-solved over time, but she was later discharged home with a borderline level of bilirubin... She died three days later.


Customized Mock Trial Role Plays 

  • Customize one of our mock trials to meet your specific learning needs using our standard course agenda: $75/hour (writing time) plus $500 and travel expenses
  • Have Nurses for Nursing develop a customized mock trial for your facility using our standard course agenda: $3,500 plus travel expenses


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